Mac Poker Tips

Mac Poker This section of will give you a little more insight into the world of running your Mac Poker software more quickly and efficiently on your Apple-friendly PC or notebook.  In addition, we will break down a few essential Mac Poker guidelines you can follow to better your experience when playing on new Mac poker rooms, as well as explain what PC Emulators are, the purpose of the Boot Camp program, and Poker Tracker compatibility.

What is a PC Emulator?

These are programs that let Mac users run programs that are otherwise made for regular PC’s (Windows users). PC Emulators are relatively inexpensive and make life on your Mac a whole lot easier if you were born and raised with Windows and Windows Vista. People sometimes ask what the purpose of adding such a program to an exceptional piece of machinery like a Mac computer, but the answer is pretty simple: flexibility.

When people are so used to something it can be hard to just quit it “cold turkey,” a sentiment shared by many loyal Windows followers who have recently began switching to sleeker, faster, and more stylish Macintosh line of computers.  PC Emulators help those users who are more familiar with PC’s feel a bit more comfortable when making the big step up to a Mac.  You can find this type of software online or at any electronics store.

Best PC Emulators are:  Virtual PC, iEmulator, Darwine, and Guest PC.

Boot Camp Software For Your Mac

Boot Camp is a new software that is compatible with the newest line of Macintosh PC’s running on the Leopard OS.  It supports the most popular 32-bit releases of Windows XP and Windows Vista, and allows you to run it at NATIVE speeds as well.  It helps Windows applications attain full access to “multiple processors and multiple cores, accelerated 3D graphics, and high-speed connections like USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, and Gigabit Ethernet,” according to Apple’s website.

Boot Camp allows users to install the program simply and without hassle, and even comes with easy-to-follow .PDF instructons to assist in the process.  Once installed, the software will create a separate drive on your Mac for the Windows OS to be placed, and from there you’ll have one-click access your Leopard OS or your Windows OS.

Boot Camp for Macintosh

Poker Tracker 3 Software

The mecca of all Poker Software is still being developed for Macintosh computers at the current time. Unfortunately, after months of speculation and forum buzz, it looks like the Mac-compatible version of PT3 is still up in the air and users may not know when a finished product might be released.

What IS known is that the developers have truly been fine-tuning this particular version to handle the workload of ANY poker player who is serious about improving their game. Poker Tracker is one of the most sophisticated statistical tools used by players today - if not the BEST.  We will keep all of our visitors updated on when this particular piece of tracking software will be rolled out to consumers.

Poker Tracker 3